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Pressure washing for homes and offices starts at only $80. If you reside in the Houston Metro area and are searching for a very convenient pressure washing quote, then fill out the contact form or give us a call, and we will start work immediately. Our job is to keep your residential buildings, commercial buildings and industrial buildings clean, and we look forward to serving you.

* Residential Pressure Washing.

* Driveway  Pressure Washing.

* Roof washing.

* Gutter Cleaning and Washing.

* Deck and fence washing.

* Concrete washing.

* Building washing.

* Warehouse washing.

* All sorts of removals such as rust removal, gum removal, oil removal, paint removal and so on.

* Service in and around the Houston Metro Area.

* 100% satisfaction or your money back.

* Professional workers including debris haul-away.


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Houston Pressure Washing Services is a full-service pressure washing company offering both residential and commercial services. We have highly trained workers ready to pressure wash your building, home or parking lot. We can handle jobs of just about any size. So do not hesitate to consider Houston Pressure Washing  Services for jobs of any scope or size.

Our team prides itself on fast reliable service with a great attitude. Our pressure washing professional are highly experienced and able to complete jobs with great precision and the required power level.

From simply cleaning dirt and grime off the walls or the driveway to taking care of big industrial clean-up jobs.

Houston Pressure Washing Service’s line of high-quality pressure washers has you covered. With high-pressure hoses and convenient portability, our pressure washers deliver plenty of mud-busting power. Our quality pressure cleaning tools easily handle both light duty tasks and the toughest cleaning jobs around. At Houston Pressure Washing Services, we use quality, powerful, no-nonsense tools to get the job done right.

Your fast & affordable “Instant Home Makeover” is one call away! Build up of dirt, grime, dust, airborne pollutants, mold, and mildew does a number on the condition and curb appeal of your property exterior.

Our pressure washing service is the best, most economical solution available for fast and inexpensively restoring your property’s beauty! Our proven safe & effective home power washing method poses no risk of damage to your property.

You may be asking yourself; “What can pressure washing do for me and my business?” Pressure washing is much more than just spraying water. Houston Pressure Washing Services does the job with the combination of high and low pressure, producing temperatures up to 240 degrees, effective chemical application, and trained pressure washing professionals we are able to safely remove gum, graffiti, oil, rust, and other miscellaneous spills and stains.

Houston Pressure Washing Services is a professional exterior surface cleaning company dedicated to offering our customers the safest and most effective way to clean all their properties exterior surfaces, without damaging them.

With years of experience in the power washing and roof cleaning industry, we are able to offer our customers peace of mind knowing that their pressure and non-pressure washing needs will be cared for and will be performed correctly the first time. We are a licensed company,

We are fully insured for your protection, and as always estimates are free.

When should I clean my property?

How often you clean your property depends on the season and how dirty they are. But on the average, your properties should be cleaned at least once or twice a year. Houston gets an average of 50″ of rainfall yearly. It gets really wet, really cold, really wet and then really dry. The weather is unpredictable! All that weather can really take a toll on the exterior of your property. It doesn’t take long before it can begin to look dirty, grimy or even moldy. Pressure washing is the best way to get rid of mold, rust, mildew and stains on the brick/wood patio or vinyl siding. Take the first step to protecting your home by getting a free power washing estimate from Houston pressure washing Services today.

Many contributing circumstances can lead to dirty buildings, and Houston pressure washing services are here to take care of your problems, and you!

Why do I need to have my building washed?

Some of the worst natural elements include ultraviolet light rays, wind, rain, dirt, and grime. Nature also takes a toll with insects, birds, spiders, wild winds, mold, mildew, and tree sap also leaving their mark in your building.

There are human-made marks such as pollutions, car exhaust, acid rain, and even smoke from your barbecue can cause the outside of your building in need of washing.

These are the reasons you need to wash your building.

* It will help uphold the value of your property.

* It will maintain the beauty of your property.

* You will feel good and more proud of your property.

* Protect occupants health.

* Pressure Washing Prevents Permanent damage.

* Pressure Washing Saves Money.

When it comes to dealing with your dirty properties, you have two main options:

  1. Doing the work to clean your gutters can be dirty and potentially dangerous. You may even have to invest in additional equipment, adding to the cost of performing the work yourself.
  1. Use the best professionals! Houston pressure washing services will take care of the work for you, clean up after the mess, and guaranty the work! Call or click today!

About Houston Pressure Washing Services.

We are family-owned and operated professional service in the Houston Metro area.  We take pride in pleasing our customers and making everything right the first time. We know that the success of a business makes a happy customer, you. Stop by our About Us page for more info, and thank you for your interest and we can’t wait to hear from you for your free quote!