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How to remove oil stein and anti freeze from driveway?

How to remove oil stain and antifreeze from the driveway?

Remove oil from drivewayKeeping your driveway in a good condition and preserving it free of stain can be very tough. As you see in the picture it is a mixture of gas and antifreeze. Cleaning and pressure washing driveway on a periodic schedule consequently will become essential and necessary.

Seeing oil spill when pulling out your vehicle can be a regular thing nowadays especially if you own an older car. They are tougher to clean than anything else. There always is a low-cost method you can use to clean up after your car. Asphalt receives damaged very effortlessly and requires excessive precaution and care. Chemicals such as strong acids can damage the asphalt as shown in the picture. Fixing your concrete is so much a harder task than cleaning your driveway.

Driveway cleaning instruction

To start to fill up half of a bucket of hot water, and then add regular soft detergent into the bucket. One -thirds of water might be sufficient. Add to this combination, one cup of white vinegar. To protect your skin alway use a strong glove.

Point out the damaged asphalt or concrete then apply the solution. let the solution to stay on for 10 mins. At this step, you already started your driveway cleaning. A mixture of soft detergent and vinegar helps whiten the concrete, while the household detergent makes the antifreeze and all the oils loose.

Now the scrubbing begins

For the best result, it is a good idea to scrub the affected spot using a brush. After the scrubbing done which should take another 10 minutes you must power wash the area. Scrubbing off the solution is necessary to avoid white coloration spots in your driveway.

Pressure washing the drivewayUsing Pressure washer wile driveway cleaning

For this task, you can do it yourself or hire Houston Pressure Washing HQ. Pressure washer removes all another gravel, dust, etc. Cover the spots with calcium hydroxide which is chemical you can purchase from pool cleaning store. Allow it to absorb the antifreeze thoroughly. For small area or oil, it’s okay just to sprinkle. Let it sit for few hours before start the cleaning again. It’s best to protect the big spots from rain or wind. Next day, brush the tide and the spot again and collect the tide or calcium hydroxide using a dustpan. Discard the clusters properly. Then pour more solution and scrub again and power wash the whole driveway. Repeat this process when performing driveway cleaning until antifreeze comes off.

This method can clean up very tough stain spots as we have done regularly. We don’t suggest but there are different options like going to HomeDepot and purchasing strong solution. Remember to pressure wash your driveway will help you with a better outcome. Also its very important to start the driveway cleaning as soon as you can to get the best possible result