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FAQ Pressure Washer Maintenance Checklist

FAQ Pressure Washer Maintenance Checklist

Illustration of a cowboy with water blasterAs a homeowner, you are responsible for making your home extra clean for you to avoid costly repairs and maintenance. Just like how you take care of your health, you should also take care of your home, especially if its exteriors to keep it looking at its very best. The best maintenance season to do a cleanup is during spring. This is the time when you’ll need most of the service of your pressure washers.

Your pressure washers are your special weapon to in keeping your home safe from the damaging  effects of built-up dirt, mold, debris, and algae that may be stuck on your roof, in your roof gutters, windows as well as the unwanted dirt on your patios, deck, and other home exteriors. It’s necessary to have regular pressure washing service Houston so you can maintain the exterior beauty of your home on a long-term scale.

With efficient pressure washers, there’s no problem with maintaining cleanliness but you also have to keep in mind that they won’t be able to help you with work if they’re not maintained properly. Maintenance is require on daily basis to keep your pressure washers running.

At (Houston Pressure Washing), we give importance to the performance of your pressure washers. As the leading pressure washing service Houston, it’s our responsibility to let you know how you can keep your equipment running and efficient.

Before Using your Pressure Washer

  1. Check fuels and oils (for gasoline-powered models) and top off the levels but don’t overfill.
  2. Check inlet water screen. Locate, where the garden hose should be connect. Flush the screen with water if it is dirty. Replace it if it is already damaged.
  3. If the pressure washer has an inline screen in its wand extension then avoid it being clogged. Clean it with water if needed or replace if damaged.
  4. Inspect its spray gun, spray tip and wand extension. Ensure that all connections are secure to use, especially the connection to the high-pressure hose.
  5. Test and try the trigger of the spray gun and its lock. If both aren’t functioning well, replace your spray gun.
  6. Examine if there are any cuts, leaks, abrasions or bulges on the cover of the high-pressure hose and other damage. Check its couplings. If your hose is already damaged, replace it in accordance with manufacturer instructions.
  7. Check detergent siphoning tube. Also, clean it with water if it is clog. If it’s also seems like damage, replace it too.
  8. The garden hose you will be connecting to the pressure washer should be flushed out.

After Using your Pressure Washer

  1. Rinse off the detergent from your pressure washer. Remove its detergent siphoning tube from its detergent supply then set the pressure to low. Run clean water through the pressure washer’s system for at least 2 minutes.
  2. Relieve pressure from the machine. Turn off the water supply as well as the pressure washer. If your pressure washer is electric, unplug it from your electrical outlet. Avoid pointing the spray gun to people or animals as you activate it then wait until the water stopped flowing. Lock the trigger.
  3. Allow your pressure washer to cool down.
  4. Disconnect spray gun, garden hose, high-pressure hose, and wand extension then drain remaining water.
  5. Remove remaining liquid from the pump. For gasoline-powered models, just pull recoil handle for at least 6 times. For electric models, turn your unit on until water exits from the pump then turn the pressure washer off immediately.
  6. Clean off if there is any remaining debris.

This basic maintenance for your pressure washers will serve as your preemptive measures to keep the life of your pressure washers. But in case your pressure washers are running low due to some external factors, call us immediately so we can provide the best solutions for you. If you need pressure washer cleaning, repair, and guards. So, we are always ready to help you out.

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