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pressure washing from distance siding of the houseThink about how many hours you are away from your house . Whether you are going to work daily or have a vacation. You must inspect and protect your home from water damage, if using a pressure washer. water damage  might be drop the value of your property, and cause rotten woods on the windows and sidings.

What are the Tips on Protecting Home from Water Damage?

Just one leaky pipe in your house can damage your entire house inside and out. Water damage is one of the common problems of the most homeowner. However, few steps can help you to protect your house and belongings from water damage. Even after the sopping up of the water, you run a risk of damaging smelly carpets, damaged floors, and growth of fungus or mold.

To help you from water damage, you must consider the following tips:

  1. Inspect your Roof- First line of Defense

  • The first thing that you must ensure is your roof. You should conduct an inspection and if there is an area that needs a replacement or repair.
  • You must also inspect the chimney of your house for the exterior damage where the water will seep in like in a block or bricks, and the opening thru the flashing.
  • Remove the debris from downspouts and gutters. Replace or repair any kind of loose or the leaky gutters, ensuring that part can drain away from the foundation.
  1. Inspect the Home Exterior

  • Clean, repair, and inspect stucco or siding.
  • Check if there is water pooling around your house. If there is damage, you need to do some landscaping in your yard slopes way from your house In order to direct away from damage. Poling can block the water as well as the sewer connection or weeping of tiles that can be plugged. If you think that this is the cause, you must inspect and hire a professional to repair it immediately.
  • Check the weather proofing and trim around the doors and windows
  1. Check Your Basement

  • Maintain the basement floor drain to prevent from obstruction
  • Build a backflow in valve to prevent the sewage or water from entering into your house
  • Check the basement for leaks after the heavy rain
  • Consider on installing a water alarm in order to protect from faulty sump pumps, leaks in how water heater, sinks, toilet, and much more.
  1. Protect your Appliances

  • Avoid leaving your house while the washing machine or dishwasher is running.
  • Turn off water to the clothes washer, refrigerator, sinks, toilet, and dishwasher if you will go away for a few days.
  • Replace rubber hoses in your washing machine and dishwasher with braided stainless steel hoses especially in hot water hoses.
  • Inspect the water tank regularly for the evidence of whole or rusting leaks. The lifespan of a water heater is about ten years.
  1. Get an Insurance Policy and know what is covered and what is not ( Always protect your home from water damage)

The other kind of water damage is simply covered under the most insurance policies such as repeated or continuous leakage or seepage of the water or freezing during a typical heating season with an unheated portion indwelling.

Generally, Houston Pressure Washing HQ can also help you to identify and observe the siding if there is water damage. As Houston pressure washing is helpful to look your house more beautiful and clean at the same time, you are able to identify if the siding of your house has some damage due to a heavy rain.

It is very important, as a homeowner, to conduct a thorough inspection and pressure washing Houston to your house in order to do some immediate action and avoid any possible damage that is caused by water to your house. If you have taken it for granted, there will be a greater chance that your house can be damaged by water.

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